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A Guide for Re-entry at Canvas Costa Mesa

As our communities begin to return to work, we remain as committed as ever to the well-being and success of our customers. Our vision of creating spaces that bring humanity to the workplace and allow people to thrive remains unchanged.

We know that wellness in the workplace is paramount to you at this time and that our environments need to be safe, adaptable, and easy to access.

Our commitment to collaboration

This plan aims to address your needs and provide support during this time. The content was based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the orders and strong recommendations of Orange County, California, dated May 22, 2020. The plan was also informed by your input to our recent email survey – your time and thoughtful answers are greatly appreciated. We are here to support you at every step of your reentry to the workplace, and we will continue to share information and updates.

Our commitment to community

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all Canvas occupants will remain a top priority for us. We have been conducting enhanced cleanings and have placed additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the building. In addition, we have provided regular, proactive tenant communications to keep you informed of this rapidly evolving situation. As you return to work, you will notice various signs reminding occupants to maintain social distancing and to wear recommended face coverings while in the building.

Our commitment to convenience

We will continue to offer regular building communications and virtual health and wellness programs for tenants working remotely.

To provide a space where customers can thrive while staying safe, we have also made adjustments to our common areas including changes to layouts and furniture. We have spaced out or removed common area seating throughout the campus, and provided hand sanitizing stations to ensure our spaces facilitate social distancing needs and proper sanitation, while allowing for collaboration and community.

Re-Entry Information

To support your transition back to CANVAS, we developed a reentry plan which includes the following:


CANVAS will use the building’s e-newsletter, This Week at CANVAS Costa Mesa, and the tenant-exclusive CNVS app to communicate timely re-entry details to the tenant population. We strongly encourage all tenants to subscribe to the campus newsletter and download the CNVS app.

Mask Requirement

All building occupants are required to wear a face covering in the building common areas (including lobby, elevators and common restrooms) per order of Orange County, California and the City of Costa Mesa. Exceptions may be made for children under the age of 2; anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance; persons with a medical or mental health condition, or development disability, that prevents wearing a cloth face-covering. Please see the following links for more detail: 

Path of Travel

To manage the flow of traffic, pathways leading to and from each building will be marked with delineators to identify ingress and egress paths of travel. Please stay to the right on all walking paths to manage the flow of traffic, and follow the traffic pattern as directed by the signage within the building. 

Lobby and Plaza

In accordance with CDC and Orange County recommendations, all persons should practice social distancing while on the campus. Social distancing should be maintained while using interior and exterior furniture and while walking between the building and the garage/common areas. Main lobby doors will be propped open (weather permitting) during high traffic hours to facilitate hands-free entry and exit to the buildings.


Please adhere to social distancing when waiting for elevator access and limit occupancy to 4 people at a time when using the elevators. As previously mentioned, face coverings are required to be worn on the property and this is especially important where a 6-foot social distance is limited, such as inside elevator cars. Again, an exception may be made for children under the age of 2; anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance; persons with a medical or mental health condition, or development disability, that prevents wearing a cloth face-covering. Hand sanitizer stations have been added to the ground floor of all elevator lobbies, and will be added on each floor of the buildings as well. 


One stairwell in each building will be opened for ingress, and the other stairwell will be designated for egress, between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (“Business Days”) to mitigate elevator wait time. (Please note exception for the 3080 building below.) In addition, entry doors from these stairwells onto multi-tenant floors will be permanently unlocked to allow entry from the stair to the floor. Entry onto single-tenant floors will be coordinated with those tenants directly. 

On North campus (3100/3150 buildings), the ingress stairwells are accessible from inside the building lobbies, and the egress stairwells exit to the building exterior. Signage in the Lobby will direct tenants to the stairwell entrance. 

On South campus, all stairwells enter/exit from the exterior. The 3070 and 3090 buildings will have signage directing tenants to one stairwell for entry and one for exit. The 3080 building will use only Stair #2 for both entry and exit, as Stair #1 is conducive only to emergency use.

Signage will be posted to direct traffic to the stairwell entries, and to confirm hours of entry. Security will monitor ground floor stairwell usage during entry hours, and will patrol the stairwells throughout the day. Please remember that these are emergency path of travel stairwells, and at no time should any loitering or propping of doors take place by building occupants. Use of the stairwells may be adjusted by building management at any time. In the event of an emergency all building stairwells are available for emergency use at all times.  


Please continue to observe all social distancing and mask requirements when in the parking garage and garage elevators. Sanitizing wipes are being added at EV charging stations to use while charging vehicles. 

Loading Areas

The loading zones will continue to be used by contractors and vendors only. Signage will be posted to reinforce social distancing and face covering requirements.


The fitness center, tenant lounge and conference room will remain closed until further notice. Outdoor and indoor seating areas will remain available with recommendations for social distancing. 


Various signage will be posted throughout the building to promote safe practices for our community. Please familiarize yourself with all building signage and adhere to practices as specified.


Visitors are also required to wear a face covering while in building common areas (including lobby, elevators and common restrooms) and are expected to follow social distancing guidelines while at the property. Exceptions to the face covering requirement may be made for children under the age of 2; anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance; persons with a medical or mental health condition, or development disability, that prevents wearing a cloth face-covering. Please instruct your employees and visitors not to enter the building if they have been personally directed to remain quarantined, have a cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell, or have traveled recently outside the U.S., and to comply with the orders of Orange County, California with respect to isolation and quarantine, which can be found at:

Enhanced Cleaning

We will continue working closely with our service providers and contractors to ensure that they are following CDC guidance. The high-touchpoint cleaning currently in place will continue, with day porters addressing common areas throughout the day and the night cleaning crew addressing all building areas, including tenant’s suites, at night. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also available throughout the property. If tenants would like to take additional preventative actions, our cleaning service provider is available to provide tenant-specific cleaning. 

Mechanical Systems

Building mechanical systems, including HVAC and plumbing, have continued with normal maintenance during the stay at home period, and we have taken extra steps to ensure that systems like exhaust fans in restrooms and elevators are fully functional, the appropriate filtration media are in place, and intake of outside air is maximized for both ventilation and occupant comfort. We will continue to monitor all building mechanical systems as our customers return to their offices, and will make adjustments as necessary. 

Before you elect to occupy your office, please carefully review CDC and other state and local mandates and guidance applicable to your operations and employees as part of your back to work preparedness. Specifically, before you elect to occupy your office, please review the online links for reopening businesses at:

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to welcoming your team and ensuring your continued success. 


We continue to approach the situation with an abundance of caution and follow guidance from the CDC, as well as executive orders from local government authorities. We will work closely with our facilities' cleaning service providers and contractors to help prevent the spread of the virus in the building. We will also continue to notify tenants in the building upon learning of a confirmed case. Here are some resources to review as you plan your return to the workplace.

See our national Tenant Toolkit Resources



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